How my website works

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while, so here it is.

The base site

The site itself is made with hugo. It’s a really cool static site generator that lets me write posts in markdown. I write my post, plop it in /content/posts/, run hugo, and the site gets built into /public in less than a second.

I can even run hugo serve --navigateToChanged and it will host my site on localhost port 1313, rebuilding every time I save a file, and redirect my already open window to whatever page was saved last. Totally beats using wordpress.

The theme

I use the hugo theme coder. It’s a nice minimalist theme that has everything I need.


So this is really cool, in my opinion. Comments on blog posts are done with a platform called utterances. While a normal comments solution would just store the comments in a database, utterances converts them into github issues. This was it is 100% free. You can see all of the comments/issues on my site’s github repo.

Hosting the site itself

The site is hosted by Netlify on their free tier. I just commit my changes to my site’s github repo, and Netlify automatically deploys my site in like half a minute. It’s insane.

Netlify also deploys a preview of any PRs made, so I don’t have to clone the repo and deal with build it locally to get a feal for what the PR looks like.

The contact form

My site’s contact form is powered by Netlify forms. It takes responses and sends them to a private channel in my Discord server. Pretty cool, not too much more to be said about that.

Conclusion third heading here

Yep, there it is. How I made my site for free and pretty much without coding everything because I don’t know html and css and all that stuff. Yay, hooray, the end.